About Us

VGS Asset is a financial services firm that was created in 2015. MGV Praveen, MD and CEO of this organisation, has approximately 20 years of expertise in the financial services industry. Praveen spent the first 14 years of his career in various jobs in banking and asset management organisations. VGS Assets, abbreviated as VGS, was founded on the fundamental premise of putting the client first and tailoring investment demands to individual needs. M.G.V Praveen, Managing Director and CEO, and M.B.V. Padmaja, Managing Partner, oversee internal operations, data management and coordination.

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How We Work


Plan Your Investment

We assist you in methodically planning and executing Investments based on an in-depth assessment of your needs, your desire for return, while minimising risk, and the products that are accessible and best suited.


Choose the right investment Combination.

While we ascertain that no product is fundamentally good or bad, we must carefully assess if it is appropriate for us. Because each investor is unique, we aim to collaborate with you to design what best meets your needs.


Invest & Track

With constant changes in the business and economic environment, it is important to review the portfolio from time to time and make necessary alterations whenever necessary. At VGS Assets, we promise to deliver the same and keep you updated with all the necessary information so that collectively we can take informed decisions as necessary.

Services We Can Help You With

Mutual Fund

Mutual funds are a type of certified managed combined investment schemes that gathers money from many investors to buy securities. There is no such accurate definition of mutual funds, however the term is most commonly used for collective investment schemes that are regulated and available to the general public and open-ended in nature.

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PMS/Alternate Investment Products

Portfolio management services are meant for high net worth individuals or institutions who want a personalized management of their finances. A team of expert professionals conduct extensive research on markets to provide a customized solution to achieve unique investment objectives. This ensures best selection of investment opportunity within an asset class and active monitoring for optimized results. Investors are provided with an all time access to track their portfolios. Our PMS offerings range across two asset classes – Equity and Debt, with multiple options for each asset class.

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Insurance – Life, Medical & General

You insure your car and your home. But nothing is more important than your own life. So, it makes good sense to insure your greatest asset – you!
As we move through life, find a partner, raise a family, and maybe start a business, the importance of insurance in a long-term plan increases. That’s because insurance is all about providing a financial safety net that helps you to take care of yourself and those you love when you need it the most...

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FD & Bonds

Fixed Deposit aka term deposit is an instrument by which one can deposit his/her savings for a prescribed period of time with a bank. When the period of deposit elapses, the depositor is entitled to the interest on the deposited amount. In some cases, the rate of interest on fixed deposits can be as high as 9.5%!

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Why Choose Us

We advocate & assist our clients in achieving financial freedom. Financial freedom is a long-term process of building asset base to generate passive flows which would take care of your lifestyle expenses. We are one stop solution for all your financial needs.


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